23 September Saturday

Delhi Burning : 10 Dead So Far ; Police On Side With Saffron Terrorists

Web Desk‌Updated: Tuesday Feb 25, 2020

NEW DELHI  : Violence unleashed by Sangh Parivar against anti-CAA protesters has claimed 10 lives so far and injured over 200 people in the capital. Several among those injured are in critical condition.


The whole of north-eastern Delhi is under siege from Sangh Parivar violence. Police there remain  mere onlookers even as shops and houses are set on fire.


A group set ablaze  the  mosque situated close to Jafrabadh.  All this violence is played out right in front of police, who instead of blocking the attackers would rather lend the miscreants their silent consent.


The so-called pro-CAA groups are blocking vehicles, asking occupants their names  before deciding to attack or let go.  Arsonists shouting ‘Jai Sree Ram” slogans torched several houses and shops. While covering events of the day one journalist was shot at and four others thrashed. No fire fighters arrived at any blaze point in the violence.