25 March Saturday

Crushing Protests : Delhi Police Granted Powers To Detain For Months Without Offence

Web Desk‌Updated: Saturday Jan 18, 2020

NEW DELHI : Amid ongoing protests in the national capital against the government’s Citizenship  Amendment Act, the governor has permitted Delhi police to arrest and detain for months, anyone without specifying charge. The Delhi City Commissioner will invoke  National Security Act(NSA) to do this. The empowerment takes effect tomorrow, Jan 19 and will stay up to 18 April.

NSA allows preventive detention lasting  months, if an individual is described as threat to the national security and law and order.

The all-pervading notification comes at a time when protests against CAA, National Register of Citizens and National Population Register has spread throughout the capital.

The Delhi police have however downplayed the move saying the notification is routine every three months.