22 September Friday

CPI(M) Renders Relief To Police Brutality Victims In Assam

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Sep 30, 2021

Brinda Karat offers aid to family of the police shooting victim in Assam

Assam : CPI(M) leaders spelt relief for  farmer families that became victims to cruel police excesses. Leaders led by Politburo member Brinda Karat visited the victims’ homes and handed monetary aid to families of the two deceased victims - 12-year-old Fareed and and Moideen.

The BJP government is evicting families have lived over 50 years in Dholpur village of Dharang district in the state.  These persons have on hand, records in proof of their citizenship. The forced families include persons who are registered in the Citizens’ Register of 1951. Their ouster is hinged on sole discrimination of their being Muslims by religion. Those evicted from their homes are left without drinking water and sanitation facilities.

The incident is one of the most abysmal pursuit of RSS in its aim to create an all-pervading Hindu country. That goal must be resisted for, said Brinda Karat.