04 December Sunday
The buckling comes with UP on thresholds of Assembly election

Centre Cedes To Farmers Protest; Will Repeal The 3 Controversial Bills, Declares PM

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Friday Nov 19, 2021

New Delhi : The enduring protest by farm community in  unprecedented numbers finally  brought the centre down to its knees. The three controversial farm laws will be repealed, declared Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday.

The giving-in marks monumental victory to farmers’ protest that refused to budge despite peaks of pandemic that claimed lives of their own, the weather onslaughts, high-handedness of government forces and violences, last spate being a deputy union minister’s son ploughing  his car into peacefully protesting  crowd UP’s  Lakhimpur- Kheri last month.
The Bill repealing the three farm laws will be presented in the upcoming winter session of the parliament, said PM in his televised address to the nation. The buckling comes at a time when Assembly elections have reached threshold in the   key state of Uttar Pradesh.

Context : The 3 farm laws in question relaxed sale, pricing and storage rules for  farm produce – rules that for decades protected  the country’s farmers from  free market onslaughts. The biggest challenge the new laws posed was allowing private players to buy farm produce at market price and flex their warehousing limits. Up to now the farmers sell majority of their produce at government-controlled-wholesale markets or mandis that assure floor prices or more commonly known as minimum support price(MSP)