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Brinda Karat Seeks Early Hearing on Police Irregularities in Delhi Violence Cases

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday May 11, 2020


NEW DELHI : CPI(M) Politburo member, Brinda Karat, approached Delhi High Court seeking an early hearing on  petitions citing police irregularities related to procedures in Delhi violence cases.


In her petition, Karat sought publishing of Delhi violence related FIRs, remand orders and  reasons for arrests on the official website. Case records should be made available online to the lawyer and family of accused persons, the plea further demanded. The court had picked up the  case earlier but adjourned it to 16 June.


The Delhi police is actively pursuing cases related to Delhi violence amid countrywide lockdown. 50 persons were arrested in the first week of lockdown itself. That action came on the back of union home ministry orders asking to avoid any delay on  pending arrests.


Given the circumstances when apart from varied difficulties,  lawyer services too are hard to come by, the  court should examine the extent to which these moves conform with law, Brinda Karat urged the court.