04 April Saturday

Bows, Buckles.. Modi Agrees To Trump’s Trade Deal For India ; Weapons Worth Rs 50,000 Crore and More

Web Desk‌Updated: Tuesday Feb 25, 2020

NEW DELHI : Amid the big party and pompous reception accorded upon arrival, the US President Donald Trump  did not lose focus on purpose of his visit and quickly announced arms sale to India worth Rs 21,000 crore. India and US are moving into extraordinary trade agreements,  revealed Trump in his address at Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad.


India should remain  US ally in fight against  Islamic terrorism, said Trump attempting to explain his lweapon’s deal. India will be a significant US defence partner  and America will always remain its  loyal friend. Trump moved on to define the US-Pak relation as path to counter terror outfits and their ideology.


Trump who arrived with his family - Wife Melania,  daughter Ivnka and son-in-law Jared Kushner – visited Sabarmati ashram for 15 minutes and spent an hour at Taj Mahal.  The US first family was treated to a spectacular welcome themed “Namaste Trump” at Montrea stadium. Prior to the visit, Trump believed the stadium and outsides would be packed out with over 70 lakh people. However he had to make do with a crowd that  barely numbered 1 lakh people.

Modi received Trump at Ahmedabad airport. The road from that point to Sabarmati Ashram and then to Montrea Stadium was lined with cultural extravaganza, complete with dancers, musicians, drums, dolaks and all. People holding flags belonging to two countries also dotted the thoroughfare.  


From Ahmedabad, Trump and family arrived at Agra. They then strolled the forecourt  and around Taj Mahal, taking pictures around the iconic structure.  Trump, Melania, Ivanka and Jared later left for Delhi, arriving there by 7.30 pm  The family lodged at ITC Maurya hotel for rest of  the night.

On Tuesday a ceremonial welcome awaited them at Rashtrapati Bhavan. At 11 am, Trump and Modi will sit down to talk business at Hyderabad House at 11 am. The days ends with elaborate dinner at Rashtrapati Bhavan, 7 pm,  followed by the family boarding Air Force One,  bidding goodbye to India.


The Left parties organized protests in several parts of the country against Trump’s visit to India.

Rs 50 Cr Weapons,  Rs 25,00,000 Crore Nuclear Reactor Deal

Today, a Rs 21,000 cr deal shall be signed for purchase of MH-60 R helicopters manufactured by America’s Lockheed Martin group . This will be followed by talks for another Rs 50,000 crore weapons deal,  Planned purchases include Sea Monitoring Drone, P-81 Submarine Veda Defence System, and long distance patrol helicopters.


Modi and Trump would  announce purchase 6 nuclear reactors from Westin House in US, on Tuesday. According to sources, the Rs 2 lakh crore deal is aimed to revive America’s nuclear industry that has slipped into deep crisis from debts.