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BJP Targeting Christians; Asks BJP Leaders From North, West States To Come To Kerala

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Jul 7, 2022

New Delhi : BJP launches  strategy  to infiltrate the Christian community in Kerala. To do this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi summoned   leaders and people’s representatives from the north, western states to go to Kerala and render guidance on how to “protect” the  Christians there.

Modi also instructed to conduct special conventions for this purpose. The BJP central leadership calculates that,  if Sabha heads of various denominations are  made to participate in these conventions, gates to the community shall eventually open up. The new strategy was unveiled at culmination of BJP’s National Executive meeting in Hyderabad where Modi said that, the ,inorities in Kerala are un-trustful of BJP as the party is perceived as one exclusively for the Hindus.

It is a shame that despite being able to capture influential Christian states of the north east and Goa, the  BJP  in Kerala remains zero.  The  Prime Minister made direct interventions in the Jacobite - Orthodox disputes but  the exercise failed to earn expected results, the meeting observed.

Now, BJP also has set eyes on other minorities as well. In Assam, its govt granted indigenous status for five Muslim communities that spoke Assamese. The Yogi Adityanath ministerial cabinet took in a legislator hailing from  Pasmand community - a Muslim subgroup ridden with acute poverty.