01 April Saturday

Mahagattbandhan Back In Bihar; BJP’s Maharashtra-model Plan Falls To Pieces

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Aug 10, 2022

Patna : With JDU dumping BJP complete on Tuesday, Nitish Kumar, who resigned his Chief Minister post, met with the Governor Fakru Chauhan, submitting a seven-party list of MLAs to form the Mahagattbandhan government comprising :   RJD, Congress, JDU(U), CPI(M), CPI,  CPIM  and others.

Yesterday, Nitish Kumar was with Tejaswi Yadav in his meeting with the Governor and claimed support of 164 MLAs for the reconfigured coalition. The new Mahagattbandhan(Grand Alliance) government is slated to take oath Wednesday afternoon. Tejaswi will be the  Deputy Chief minister like once in the past and  RJD will  take the Speaker post.

The collapse on Tuesday is widely viewed as a flop of BJP attempt to dismantle Bihar government on Maharashtra model

The beginning of the end of BJP-JDU coalition began when BJP launched repeated efforts to create splits within JDU. The divisive tactics grew more and more brazen leading Nitish to mull pulling out from the alliance. The ultimate  straw came when BJP  used two of RSP Union Ministers to repeatedly attack Nitish, prompting  him to consider a return to Mahagattbandhan and prevent the Maharashtra-model collapse engineered by BJP there.

According to latest inputs, the Mahagattbandan will take oath at 2 pm today and Nitish is the consensus candidate for Chief Minister.  The effective strength of State Assembly is 242 and majority mark figures at 122. 

The  current break-up will likely see  BJP go solo in the Lok Sabha elections of 2024.