01 April Saturday

Big Jolt For BJP In Bihar; Nitish Kumar To Resign

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Aug 9, 2022

New Delhi :  BJP is in for a major jerk in Bihar with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar having tabled his resignation.  He is due to meet  the Governor later in the day after attending a decisive meeting called prior.  According to inner circles, the resignation will be announced shortly.

Yesterday, the CM summoned all party MLAs to converge in Patna urgently for a meeting on Tuesday. Crucial decisions are expected to come up during the course. Meanwhile, RJD assured full backing for Nitish Kumar.

JDU’s frustration stems from BJP’s constant attempts  to push down Nitish Kumar politically. The Maharashtra power swap, seen widely as sabotage, has been unsettling for JDU, prompting it come up with solid political decisions way forward.

JDU perceives the ‘remote control’ governance perpetrated by Union Minister Amit Shah as worrisome, especially against the backdrop of what happened in Maharashtra.

Closer home, JDU is bogged down by BJP ministers’  pro-Hindutva proclamations  in relation to the governments own decisions on population control Bill , Uniform Civil Code etc. In protest, Nithish Kumar had kept away from the meetings chaired b Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

Also BJP’s push for greater share in union cabinet, had left  JDU ruffled.