26 March Sunday

Backup: More Farmers Head For Delhi: Huge Participation Witnessed From Punjab and Haryana

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Nov 28, 2020


NEW DELHI: The “Delhi Chalo March” by hundreds of lakhs of farmers from several states in  protest of the 3 anti-farmer laws enacted by Modi government,  has proved to be historic in terms of massive participation. According to sources, more farmers are headed for  Delhi to provide  backup,  as police attempt  to stop scores of protesters from hitting capital. Protest participants from Punjab and Haryana are the never-seen-before kind in terms of overwhelming numbers.

The farmers from UP and Uttarakhand are trying to provide reinforcement  to those who left ahead, as UP police continue to suppress  protesters. Their organisations including the Kissan Sabha called upon centre to urgently intervene in the matters affecting their community.  

A statement issued by Kissan Sangharsha Coordination Committee said : The government should urgently  meet the basic demands before farmers swarm the capital. Protesters detained by police at the city borders should be released immediately. Farmers from Uttarakhand too have been similarly blocked by the police. More farmers are preparing to march to Delhi in the face of such police  suppression.

Over a half lakh farmers have set out for Delhi as of now.  Police used lathi charge, grenades, tear gas and water cannons against protesters on Thursday and Friday.  As farmers refused to budge despite  force, police finally allowed them to enter Nirankari ground in Delhi’s Buraril. There, the  Delhi govt gestured welcome instructiing  authorities to make all necessary arrangements for them.