22 September Friday

Another Tamil Nadu student dies by suicide, 5th Case In Two Weeks

Web Desk‌Updated: Wednesday Jul 27, 2022

Chennai : A Class 12 boy died allegedly by suicide today in Tamil Nadu. This is the fifth recent case of student suicide that has been reported in the last two weeks in Tamil Nadu state.

The boy was found dead at his home in Sivaganga district. The police said he left a suicide note in which he said he couldn't cope with math and biology. Four school girls have died by suicide before this. Earlier in the day, a Class 11 girl was found dead in Sivakasi. No suicide note was found. It is learnt that she suffered from chronic, severe stomach aches. A detailed investigation is underway in the case.

The Sivakasi death was reported hours after a Class 12 girl student was found dead in Cuddalore district. In a four-page suicide note, she had written the reason for her suicide that, her inability to fulfil IAS aspirations placed on her by her parents.