23 September Saturday

"Attempt To Takeover Delhi Amin Using Bureaucracy" : All India Lawyers Union Slams Ordinance

Press ReleaseUpdated: Sunday May 21, 2023

  DELHI ORDINANCE - Yet Another Blow to Federalism and Democracy

Promulgation of the Government of National Capital Territory  of Delhi (Amendment) Ordinance, 2023 is yet another blow to  Democracy and Federalism. It simply facilitates Union Cabinet to take over administration of Delhi State through bureaucracy. Authoritarianism through ‘democracy’; direct affront to the judgment of the Supreme Court which gives power to the elected Delhi government  based on democratic principles, the basic structure of the constitution.
We demand forthwith withdrawal of the Ordinance and appeal to legal fraternity and all democratic people to make voice unitedly against the Ordinance.

P.V. Surendranath,   Sr. Advocate
General Secretary