26 May Tuesday

Say No to Retrenchments! No to salary cuts : KITU Tells IT Employees

Press Release(KITU)Updated: Saturday Apr 4, 2020

Staement Issued By KITU

Even though Ministry of Labour & Employment, GOI has sent an advisory note on 20th March 2020, to employers "not" reduce salary or terminate employees during the 21 days of COVID 19 lockdown, announced by Prime Minister of India to mitigate the catastrophic situation, some of the IT/ITeS Companies started retrenchments and salary cuts. KITU strongly condemns this illegal and inhuman act by the management. 


Karnataka State IT/ITeS Employees Union extends all support to the affected employees and requesting them to refuse to resign if asked to do so by the management. Acting against the GOI direction during this catastrophic situation is acting against the Nation's interest and hence KITU demands urgent intervention of the Government to this matter and request to take stricter actions against the companies who violate the advisory note and labour laws. KITU urges the companies to respect the law of the land and not to indulge in trimming activities like retrenchments even after the lockdown period.


Don't Panic!

Refuse to Resign! Organize!


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