27 March Monday

3-month-old Baby Dies After Being Jabbed With Hot Rod To Treat Pneumonia : MP

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Feb 4, 2023

Shadol, UTTAR PRADESH: a 3=month-old baby in Madhya Pradesh  died agonizing death days after  gruesome  'treatment' administered by local quack to treat pneumonia. In the incident, the infant was jabbed 51 times on the stomach with hot  iron rod as part of ‘treatment’. The incident took place in tribal-dominated area in Shahdol district.

The child died days later after being brought to the hospital following advce of anganwadi worker to the mother to spare baby the crude treatment. Police will exhume the body for postmortem purposes and investigation. Poking  hot road to treat pneumonia is common in several such hamlets in the region.