04 October Wednesday

Wrestling Star Says Police Recorded Evidence In Presence of Brij Bhushan

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Jun 10, 2023

New Delhi : Wrestling stars expressed concern over Delhi Police’s mode of evidence collection.  The victim wrestler was taken to Brij Bhushan’s residential compound and evidence recorded in his presence.

The Wrestling Federation office and Brij Bhushan’s  residence are housed in one compound.  The victim had faced sexual assault in this office during  2019.   When police brought her to the compound for recording evidence and testimony  Brij Bhushan was present at the office. It was hard and unnerving  to narrate what happened with Brij Bhushan present, the wrestler said.

Meanwhile, other female wrestlers stand firm in their  sexual harassment allegations against the BJP MP.  Witnesses including international referee told reporters there were people who saw what was being done to female wrestlers.

 Farmer organisations  are at the protest site with the wrestlers in solidarity for their cause.