16 July Tuesday

Women’s Commission Files Case Against KM Shaji For Offensive Comments On Minister Veena George

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Sep 23, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram :  The Kerala Women’s Commission registered case against Muslim League leader KM Shaji for disgusting comments  he made against Health Minister Veena George, said Commission Chairperson Adv P Sathidevi on Saturday.

‘The  highly objectionable remarks  came from KM Shaji on Minister Veena George who has gained wide acceptance for her remarkable interventions in the health sector. There should rise strong protest against people who use such political profanities. Using the word “Sadhanam(item)” to refer to the minister goes to show his perspective on women as a gender,’ said Sathidevi.

In the bygone era “Sadhanam” was name accorded to Nampoothiri women subject to the ruthless “Smarthaviraram” system of trial. Use of such  words by people like KM Shaji reflect his feudal mindset, the Commission  Chairperson said.

KM Shaji made the said  remark while addressing a public meeting Muslim League held in Kundoor Puttanathani in Nennambra Panchayat. Major part of his speech comprised offensives aimed at the Health Minister and included lines such as “A ‘sadhanam(item)’ that  can make out neither head nor tail - that’s Veena George. She does not know a damn thing. Except for holding shows and lauding the Chief Minister, she has done nothing for the Health Dept. The Left is happy to learn of any disaster. It’s fundraising time  for them. Don’t raise funds in the name of Nipah. When one hears of Nipah, the  picture of bat comes to mind. When one hears the word disaster, it is Chief Minister that comes to mind. Both are the same”, crowed Shaji at the event.