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Women Directors Dominate IFFK Competition Section; “Nishiddho” and “Aavasa Vyuham” from Malayalam

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Friday Mar 11, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram :Women directors galore at 26th International Film Festival(IFFK) in the International Competition Section. The category will screen fourteen films and contestants comprise   films from 9 countries including Turkey, Argentina, Azerbaijan and Spain  and four Indian films. Malayalam films  this category are Tara Ramanujan’s Nishiddho and Krishand RK’s Aavasa Vyuham.  Another South Indian movie to feature is “Pebbles” by  Vinod Raj.

Over  half of all films in the  competition category are directed by women. They include the Spanish movie Camila Comes Out Tonight, Nathalie Alvarez Mesen’s Clara Sola,Croatian film Murina, Dina Amer’s You Resemble Me, Kamila Andini’s Yuni and the Arabic movie Costa Brava,Lebanon.

The section will also showcase “Sughra and Her Sons” directed by IIgar Najaf and  nominated for the best screenplay  at Asia Pacific Screen Awards. Captain Volkonogov Escaped and Let it be Morning are the other films runners in this category.