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Locked Out From Husband's House, Woman and Child Spends Night In Sit-out : Kollam

Web Desk(TvmUpdated: Friday Oct 7, 2022

Kollam : Woman in Kollam lodged complaint over in-laws removing her and child from husband’s house in Kollam.

The domestic incident took place in Kottiyath. The victims are Thazhathalla native Athulya and her 5-year-old son who were pushed out the home and compound after which the mother-in-law locked the gates. The woman and child spent night in the sit-out.

Athulya had walked to the road to wait for her child’s school bus to arrive, when mother-in-law locked up the gates and the house door. When it grew dark, Athulya scaled the compound wall with her son and the two slept in the sit-out.

The mother-in-law has harassed demanding more in dowry, the woman told police. The house she has been ousted from was built from the gold and dowry she