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3-yr-old Murder-attempt and Other Stories; Governor Comes Out With Press Conference

Web Desk(TvmUpdated: Monday Sep 19, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : Governor Arif Mohammed Khan calls press conference re-narrating so-called assassination attempt allegedly made by elderly historian Irfan Habib at Charitra Congress event held nearly three years ago. What Irfan Habib carried out was goondaism; Irfan  shouted menacingly asking to speak about Godse when I referred to Maulana Abdul Kalam, the Governor told reporters.

What happened at Charitra Congress could fetch so much as 7 years of imprisonment plus fine. Though the attack took place in the presence of police, the govt took no action at all, said the Governor and went on to disperse visuals of the purported incident.

A politician present stopped the policeman who attempted to shield me from the attack. That person currently works closely  around CM’s office today. The shot in the visuals is not about KK Ragesh trying to calm people. Rather, when cops arrived to stop the protest on-stage against me, KK Ragesh who was on the dais  went over to stop them from doing that, said the Governor, responding to doubts from the media.

RSS is not a banned organisation. So what’s the problem?, the governor asked. If there be any complaint against me, the same should be informed to the Prime Minster, the Governor added.

At the conference, the Governor distributed copies of communications between himself and CM relating to  re-appointment of Vice Chancellor at Kannur university.  There was direct pressure from CM  toward the appointment; CM  and verbally said the VC was his fellow-villager, said Governor in the conferennce. The govt sought legal advice from AG without my permission and then passed it on to Raj Bhavan; the act amounts to pressuring, the governor said.

The protest against me was not spontaneous. It was conspired for. How else could  placards against me prop up  on the stage, the Governor said.

Tthe LDF Convener, EP JAyarajan,faces flight ban; we had a minister who criticised the Constitution and further that we also have a MLA who speaks the Pakistani tone, the Governor bragged.