29 January Sunday

UDF Takeover: Will Assume More Posts, Seek More Seats , Says League

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Dec 25, 2020

Thiruvananthapuram : : In a telling  decision, the  Muslim League  said it is set to take control of  UDF. The decision comes in the wake of UDF’s huge defeat in local body elections and the incessant infighting that plagues Congress.

Even so, League is largely responsible for UDF pacts with communal outfits like SDPI and Jamaat-e-Islami during elections. In fact, Congress’s willingness for ties with these anti-secular parties reflected League dominance over matters.

When it came to voting however, the gamble failed with  public rejecting  the indiscrete alliances. The resultant defeat left UDF and Congress even more weak.

Matters being so, comes League’s decision to assume more posts and demand more seats for Assembly elections slated a few months from now.