03 February Friday

Will Probe Stretch To Senior Leaders ? League Anxiety Intensifies

P. V. RajeevUpdated: Thursday Nov 19, 2020


Kozhikode: Anxiety over  arrest of former PWD minister Ebrahim Kunju has gripped Muslim League as it wonders if the probe will extend to its senior leaders. It is this fear that triggered League leaders to take defensive stand rather than criticising the corruption involved. That's understandable because,  the black money funneled into party daily ‘Chandrika’ has been linked to Ebrahim Kunju which could mean potential consequences to several others. Besides there exists League’s other dealings too that involve the former minister. In all, criticising the leader for having gobbled up flyover could create huge quakes for the party.

From black money totaling ten crores to several corruptions under aegis of  PWD  during UDF tenure, several tales kept under wraps would see light of the day via Ebrahim Kunju if he be roughed up. Incidentally, at  least a half dozen leaders are directly involved in those dubious doings. Back in 2004, Ebrahim Kunj was appointed as replacement to Kunjalikutty when he resigned as minister following ice-cream parlour prostitution scandal. And later, Ebrahim was made minister during UDF term once again the last time, on that continued  premise.

League now is critical of Ebrahim Kunju’s arrest, dubbing it as politically motivated.  Interestingly, until now, Kunjalikutty had remarked “It is only an allegation. There has been no arrest.”  In fact, Kunjalikutty’s dismissal took provoking overtones lately like  claiming, though LDF is in power, the lack of arrest indicates lack of evidence. By contrast,  when the arrest has now come in line with legal proceedings, League has made a u-turn on those brags.