27 September Wednesday

“Will Not Let Tharoor Reign” ; Congress Rebukes NSS

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Jan 10, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram :  Verbal exchanges  heat up between NSS General Secretary and Congress leaders.  On Monday,  Ramesh Chennithala and VD Satheesan hit the scene rebutting Sukumaran Nair’s remarks against Congress leaders.

The aim is to prevent NSS and a faction in Congress from raising Tharoor to power. Sukumaran had said that, Congress lost elections because Ramesh Chennithala was propped as the Chief Ministerial candidate and that VD Satheesan has a adamant attitude.

Post Allotments
Chennithala said all positions were conferred by the Congress and that it is party that's bigger than all things else.  Chennithala denounced  the argument that election debacle was owing to him pitched up  as Chief Ministerial candidate.  The then standpoint was, for all MLAs  will get together and decide who the CM must be, once the front clinches majority..  Let them decide on community leaders getting involved in political matters.

Communal Move Shall Be Resisted
The aim is to pull ashore the party that’s wrecked and not become Chief Minister, said VD Satheesan, adding that : “Community leaders can offer criticisms . I too  criticised  in turn. The NSS General Secretary had no reply to it however. . Be it the  majority or the minority, there will be stiff opposition to communal moves, said Satheesan.