22 September Friday

Will BJP Reject RSS’s Vichardhara ? : Min Muhammed Riyas

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Monday Apr 10, 2023

Thrissur : Will Sangh Parivar reject RSS’s basic text “Vichardhara” that declares Christians as its prime domestic enemy, asked Minister Muhammed Riyas. That’s the primary question arising when BJP conducts home visits in the Christian community, the minister added, while responding to media question in  Thrissur.

When BJP visits home, the  members must respond by reading from Vichardhara.  Religious heads have a clear understanding of Vichardhara that names three domestic enemies, of which, the Christian community is top on list.  There is history of burning alive Graham Stein who was a Christian missionary. BJP’s home visits present a good opportunity for Christians to ask questions., the minister said.

As per 2022 statistics of United Christians Forum  there took, place 598 attacks against Christians in India stemming from  RSS’s  Vicharadhara. 89 pastors were assaulted in these attacks and 68 churches destroyed. Of the 127 attacks, 87 were part of  Sangh Parivar- orchestrated riots. RSS carried out 104 attacks during 2020 – 21.

Even carols came under attack. We also know of attacks on nuns in Uttar Pradesh. In Chhattisgarh’s Narayanpuri, hundreds of armed men attacked churches. There were similar attacks in Madhya Pradesh too, the assailants of which were accountable Sangh Parivar leaders. BJP’s novel moves are not going to make any difference to its broader politics, the minster told reporters.