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Police have been on frontlines of all crises and disasters people encountered including the pandemic now, CM reminded

Police Only Tried To Bring About Law and Order In Vattalaki Hamlet; Actions Pursued Were Of Routine Nature : CM

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Tuesday Aug 10, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : Police went to Vattalaki hamlet in Sholar only in perusal of  a complaint based there and their action has been of  routine nature relating to law and order in any given  place, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan responding to  Opposition’s adjournment motion in the Assembly on Tuesday.

In recent years, police have been functioning in highly  people-oriented fashion. They have remained on the frontlines of all crises confronted by people. Their role in protecting people during floods  and aftermath is undeniable, said CM to the motion presented by N Samsuddin.

In Palakkad’s hamlet of Vattalaki in Sholar,  a conflict warranting police intervention arose after  a native there named Kunthachalam got into argument with his neighbor Murugan’s  wife over grazing their cow on the  farm he owned. Following this, Murugan and the tribal chieftan Choria attacked Kunthahchalam.

Kunthachalam sustained injuries in the attack and  police registered a case based on his complaint. Meanwhile, there was another complaint that said Kunthachalam pelted stones at Murugan’s wife, Radhamani and threatened to kill her. 

While both complaints demanded police attention, Murugan failed to show up at the station when summoned. The police then reached the hamlet to arrest the culprits. There, on being asked to climb into the jeep, Murugan and Choria  gathered people from around and blocked police’s attempt to make the arrests.

Five police personnel, including a woman CPO, sustained wounds in the conflict. The accused were eventually arrested and remain in remand.  8 villagers from Vattalaki too were  booked for disrupting  police from performing  their duty. The Scheduled Tribe Development Project Officer’s report too makes mention of  injuries the police sustained in the incident.

In times during and post   floods and other disasters, police have worked much to rescue lives and reach food, medicine and other reliefs to those affected.

The Police Force play an important role in Covid mitigation of current times too . 11 policemen have died in during thier service stint in covid mitigation.  17,645 policemen became infected with the virus during work of whom,  217 continue to avail treatment for serious sideeffects.

May we not forget that the current accusations are being  kicked up  against members of a force that went to such great lengths to protect people of this state in difficult phases

Nationally speaking, Kerala is an outstanding state in terms of competent law and order.  Police here have played a big role in preventing the state from becoming a hotbed of communal violence.

Police  force is here to uphold  rule of law and protect lives of the people and their properties. There are groups in the society that wish lawlessness for the land and they are the ones who unleash  criticisms against the police. Terrorists,  communal elements and anarchists are engaged in conscious disruption of police functioning. It has now becoming a trend to slander the force by spicing up false stories on police personnel on everyday basis, said CM further.