07 February Tuesday

Vizhinjam Project Cannot Be Stalled; 5 of 7 Demands Approved By Govt: Minister

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Nov 28, 2022

Thiruvananhapuram : The government has approved  five of the total seven demands placed by protesters. Construction works of the port will  invariably progress, the minister for ports, Ahmed Devarkovil.  The protesters are trying to come up with new demands each time. When talks are held these members say they will think it over, but never turn up with a response, the minister said.

The government stood by with utmost patience. In a land that upholds secular values, no kind of religious confrontation shall be accommodated.  The government would be willing for any compromise to sustain religious harmony in the societ, said the minster.

Five of the seven demands were approved. The sixth asks for free kerosene. That depends on  supplies  from Centre. The seventh is for halting the project. A project of this magnitude is part of national development and is not practically possible to upend it, the minister said.