31 January Tuesday

Vipin Youth Murder: Two More Arrested

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Sep 23, 2020


Kochi : Two more men, Sharath and Jibin, were arrested by police in connection with the murder of Vipin native Pranav (23), whose body  was  found lying by the wayside on Tuesday morning on Beach Road.

Sharath and Jibin told police the  crime was a retaliation for Pranav’s  inappropriate behaviour toward the former’s  girlfriend. Intriguingly, they cite an argument that took place over 6 months ago as motive for the murder.

19-year-old Ambadi from Kaipinveettil, Ayampally was nabbed on Tuesday.  KAPA will be invoked in the case, the  Aluva Rural SP Kartik hinted, adding that, there are more persons involved in the crime. The culprits in custody are drug abusers and  members of local drug gang.