16 August Tuesday

Video Proves Falsehood in Swapna’s Allegation; Media Houses Lack Memory

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Wednesday Jun 15, 2022

Kochi : Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s Press Secretary PM Manoj on his FB page posted a video, crumbling  the falsehood that Swapna’s allegations are. During her time in jail, Swapna claimed CM had denied knowing her saying “I do not know this controversial woman.”

At a press conference around that time, CM said Swapna Suresh had come to office in her capacity as Secretary   of  UAE Consulate General  CM’s response came over Asianet reporter Ajay Ghosh’s question on 13th of Oct in 2020.

What Chief Minister said :

She had come to me in her capacity as secretary to the  UAE Consulate General. I have said it before, that’s the context I know her in. That’s the reality.  That she accompanied the Consulate General on   all his visits, is a fact. There is nothing unusual about meeting between a Chief Minister and Consulate General. Matters relevant keep coming  off and on. Nothing unusual about  inviting Chief Minister to an event they  host. Is that not part of common courtesy?

Whenever there have been such visits from  Consulate General,  Swapna Suresh has been always present. She has always attended in her position as secretary to the Consulate General. Now if you ask me if Sivasankar has been present in similar position at such  occasions, I cant recall. One thing is for sure. If someone asked, who is to be contacted in such matters, there’s nothing surprising when I tell them to  contact Sivasankar given his position as  secretary. There has been many  visits from Consulate General in the past four years. There were several events held at the Consulate. And, this woman has been present  on all such occasions.