03 June Saturday

VD Satheesan Against Left On Rahul’s Disqualification Too

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Mar 25, 2023

Kochi : Opposition Leader VD Satheesan is  critical of the Left on Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification issue too, saying support from Left is exclusively confined to social media. VD Satheesan was speaking with reporters in Kochi.

The State government has double standards with regard to Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification, said Satheesan. On one hand they say they are in support of us, on the other, they brutally persecute protesters. The cause for their backing is owing to the cases that loom over several  Left leaders. They are doing this to please the BJP,  claimed Satheesan.

Congress has announced Raj Bhavan march in protest of the disqualification on the 27th.