16 July Thursday

Autopsy Shows 2 Snakebites On Left Arm; Chemical Analysis Will Tell Why Uthara Did Not Feel Pain

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday May 27, 2020


Kollam : In the first known case of snakebite murder, the postmortem report shows two cobra bites on the victim, 25-year-old Uthara’s left arm.


According to preliminary findings, death appears to have been caused by snake venom that crippled her nervous system. Uthara’s internal organs are being subject to chemical tests to explain why she did not react to the unbearable  pain a cobra bite inflicts. To corroborate the venom theory, remains of the snake too will be autopsied and chemically analysed.


25-year-old Uthara, mother to a 5 month-old-boy, was brought dead to a private hospital in Adoor, on May 7. The postmortem suggested death from snake bite.  Her family however  grew suspicious given that  the AC bedroom room Uthara slept in had all windows shut, leaving no vent for snake entry. Besides, Uthara had sustained a viper bite in March and was recuperating at her parents home when she was bitten again by venomous snake, this time ending her life.  Also, it didn’t sit right that Uthara never reacted to the painful bites on the fateful night and instead, died in sleep. To top it all, at both instances, the snake bites happened with her husband Sooraj, now the prime suspect for murder, present at the scene.