29 September Friday

UDF Does Not Speak Against BJP Anywhere; Congress Leaders Peddling Soft-Hindutva : Vijayaraghavan

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Feb 10, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram: UDF is largely cooperative with BJP in leveling accusations and posing  difficulties for  LDF and state government, said CPI(M) Convener, A. Vijayaraghavan adding that,  UDF does not utter a single word against BJP,  as  statements made by its leaders go to show. UDF has evolved into adopting a soft stand towards BJP, said Vijayaraghavan.

Petrol prices have soared to Rs 90/Litre now  as part of the centre’s take on fuel. Countries around the continent except for India have petrol priced less than Rs 40 per litre. And although steep hike in fuel prices shoots up cost of everyday commodities and puts commoners into further distress, Congress is unwilling to utter a word or statement on the matter.

 Congress’s national leadership too maintains similar approach much of the time Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi are in fact propagating soft-Hindutva. They are unable to react strongly against BJP’s race to communalise the country. Rahul Gandhi had conducted his election campaign in Gujarat and Rajasthan in style akin to that of BJP. And, Priyanka went a step ahead and conducted a “Ganga Theertha Yatra”. They are almost competing with BJP for spotlighting Hindutva symbols.

In Kerala the Congress leaders are widening the scope of that policy. They are essentially quite and refuse to speak against BJP. Their whole focus is instead on exploring ways to weaken a government that puts welfare of  its people first, said Vijayaraghavan.