29 September Friday

Tricky : Can’t Tell The Link Between NPR and NRC Now, says Union Minister Ravishankar

Web Desk‌Updated: Wednesday Jan 1, 2020


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : In Centre’s  latest flip-flop over controversial NRC and NPR, the Union Minister Ravishankar said it would not be possible to spell links between the two now. He was speaking at a press conference held in Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday.


Referring to the widespread argument, Ravishankar said that, describing  Citizenship Amendment Act as anti-constitutional  is not true. However, the Centre shall hold discussions with state governments, before carrying out National Register of Citizens(NRC) surveys  throughout the country, he added.


The Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA) does not affect citizens of the country, the minister said. Referring to the advantage enjoyed by Hindu and other select minorities in context, the minister said,  “Thousands of Tamils from Sri Lanka were granted citizenship by Rajeev Gandhi and Indira Gandhi had conferred citizenship to thousands of Hindus from Uganda.”

Kerala reserves the right to pass ordinance against CAA, however, the Chief Minister should at first examine the law, Ravishankar told at the conference.