17 August Wednesday

Traffic Curb in Kuthiran; Passage From Extreme Sides Of Road Only

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday Nov 25, 2021

Vadakanchery: Traffic restrictions are imposed at  Kuthiran tunnel from Thursday. The tunnel laid open for traffic  on 31 July toward Thrissur, will now  have  vehicle movement  only on extreme sides of the road, meaing the mid portion will remain  blocked with barricades. Toward Thrissur,  lanes are barricaded over a length of 3.2 kms starting from Kozmbazha Mammadpadi up to Vazukumpara Mekattil  Gardens.

The construction works of 2nd tunnel is advancing,  necessitating demolition of existing road at Kuthiran, hence the current blockade. The traffic restriction is here to stay up until the 2nd tunnel is completely laid.  Heavy safety measures are put in place to prevent any kind of mishap while vehicles move along sides with 2nd tunnel work progressing.  Ambulance and recovery vans are stationed 24 hours on both sides of the tunnel passage.

Detectors to check overspeeding have been fitted intermittently and large number of lights installed along the passage. Should any vehicle encounter breakdown during passage, arrangements are in place for a quick removal. Travelers have been instructed to call the police control room if there occurs any accident inside the tunnel.