30 November Wednesday

Toll Fee Will Go Up In Panniyankara Too From 1 April

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday Mar 31, 2022

Wadakanchery : Toll fee at toll plaza on Manathi National Highway in Wadakanchery too will stand raised  from   1st of April, said toll contracting company. There would be roughly a 10 percent hike applicable to all vehicle categories.  Toll collection in Panniyankara commenced  on 9 March and the current hike comes amid protests by locals over toll collection there.

Presently there is the locals, private buses and school vehicles are exempted from toll. There was wide protest recently over collecting toll from Taurus lorries and private buses. Though services resumed after the 2-day national bandh, the toll contracting firm stayed away from collecting  toll on Wednesday.

However, the toll company informed authorities it would start levying toll from Thursday. Unlike other toll points, charges at toll plaza in Panniyankara charges are way higher. The current hike amid protest comes in the wake of Highway Authority announcing higher toll fee for highways across the country.