15 May Saturday

Tight Restrictions For 6 Days Up To 9 May; Shops To Remain Open; Banks Half-Day; ID Card A Must

Web Desk (TVM)Updated: Tuesday May 4, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : Curbs intensified across the state up to 9 May starting today in an effort  to rein in the widening Covid spread. The restrictions are akin to weekend curbs already in force allowing   outdoor venturing  only for  essentials and for emergencies or scheduled unavoidable ceremonies.

Restrictions are relaxed for state and central government offices, the local self-government establishments under these offices, health workers and those engaged in Covid mitigation efforts. Gathering for wedding is restricted to 50 and 20 at funerals. Only 50 persons will be allowed at places of worship, the number being  subject to size of  the venue.  Sectoral Magistrates appointed by the Collector shall conduct inspections.

Shops To Stay Open
Shops selling groceries, fruits, vegetables and milk may remain open. Vendors with fish and meat too may do their selling. Beverage outlets and bars shall remain closed. Ration shops and civil supply stores too shall stay open.

Banks for half-day only
Banks until Friday shall stay open  up to 1.30 pm only. Pensions shall be disbursed based on last digit of the account numbers: 2-3 Tues; 4 – 5 Wed; 6- 7 Thursday; 8 – 9 Fri.

ID cards a must
Oxygen technicians, health and sanitary workers must carry their ID card at all times.  Private establishments should impose Work From Home for the employees.

Only parcel services shall be allowed at restaurants and hotels. They are required to shut down by 9 pm night. Those journeying long-distance via trains and buses shall keep travel records as proof. Inter-district transport services shall remain suspended. Cinema houses and theatres shall remain closed.