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Thrikkakara Bypolls : LDF Goal -100 Seats; Development, The Focus Of Discussion : P. Rajeev

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Tuesday May 3, 2022

Kochi : LDF is all ready  for byelections in Thrikkakara.  Candidate with high win-potential shall be fielded, said Minister P Rajeev. LDF rules Kerala on a 99-seat strength. The main goal in  byelections is to up that figure to 100, in which case. If that happens, Thrikkakara will  see a quantum leap in the constituency.

In polls,  politics of development becomes contre of discussion. People of Thrikkakara stand for development and will  reject those opposing advancement. They would  side with Left stance of pro-development and secularism. Voters would take the view of not wanting to waste away four years.

K-Rail project will transform Thrikkakara into a central point. Thrikkakara stands to gain highest  development with least amount of land taken in acquisition. Congress is attempting to sabotage that potential. It is heartening to see SilverLine become part of public debate. The Left will always take alongside  all people  in favour of development, Minister Rajeev said.