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Three-month Old Marriage: Man Kills Wife By Hitting Brass Lamp On Head

Anita SasiUpdated: Tuesday Sep 6, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : Police charged Varkala native Aneesh for murder of his 26-year-old wife Nikita by hitting her head with traditional bell metal lamp and then stabbing her with it.  The couple were married three months ago. The gruesome killing took place early Tuesday morning at Aneesh’s home in Ayanthil in Varkala.

Aneesh and Nikita, a Alappuzha native,  were married on 8th of July. Both went to their separate workplaces abroad after marriage and  arrived back home  10 days back for medical treatment to an injury Aneesh sustained to his leg.

According to family sources, the two fought constantly during their stay -  mostly on suspicions Aneesh had of Nikita. The couple fought fiercely on the night before the murder too. The family members woke to Nikita screams in the morning and found her lying in a pool of blood. Though rushed to the hospital, Nikita was pronounced dead.

Police arrested Aneesh and is canvassing both families for more details.