24 September Sunday

Those Praising RSS Should Not Be Blinded To Its True Colours: CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday May 15, 2023

Palakkad/Ottapalam : Those  praising RSS and BJP should not be blinded to their true colours, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan., speaking at inaugural of  LDF rallies in constituencies of Malabuzha and Ottapalam.

It is RSS notion that  Muslims, Christians and Communists are the country's domestic threats. Certain media reported some as saying  this clarification from CPI(M) and the LDF stems from misunderstanding.  It would do good if those people saw the survey report from United Christian Forum. The data reveals attacks on Christians rose since 2022.  Did  the 598  attacks across 21 states happen due to  misunderstanding ? There were 505 attacks against the community in 2021 alone.

When you suggest extending friendship with RSS and BJP, you must understand that the ordinary minorities will not  stand by that.  What we oppose is communal fanaticsm.   We shall stand firmly to ensure secularism does  not crumble.  The Centre says textbooks should not teach certain matters. This is happening because  people with history of violence and  violent temperament, have come to power.  Fearing that children might learn of their violent past, they attempt to hide history from kids.  Schools are fertile grounds for secularism.  Whatever is forbade,  shall be taught in schools of Kerala, said CM.