22 May Sunday

Third Wave Extremely Severe; Omicron Six Times More Transmissive Than Delta

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Jan 20, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : Third wave has begun in state with intensity of spread on unprecedented scale. Daily tally for Wednesday exceeded 34,000. Unlike the first and second wave, the spread is voluminous at the very beginning, said Health Minister Veena George. Omicron, the trigger for ongoing surges, is six times more infectious than the Delta variant. The coming three weeks will be crucial, the minister said.

Fight Unitedly
The pandemic should be fought without difference to political orientation. The Health Dept. issued prewarning before each phase. The propaganda of Omicron being mild is not true. There should be guard against Omicron rather than have a lax attitude of let it come and go. It is five or six times more infectious than delta. Drug shortage in state is baseless propaganda. Also antibody treatment is not effective against Omicron, the minister said.

Hospitals Equipped
One should avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital. There should be just one bystander per patient. 3107 ICUs are in place in govt hospitals and 7488 at private. There are 2293 ventilators in govt  establishments and 2432 in private, the minister told reporters

Not So Lighly
One should, under no situation, entertain thought let Covid come and go. Strict action will be taken against people who propagate to take the variant lightly.  Headache and body ache are initial symptoms. People with these discomforts must remain indoors. Each must shoulder responsibility to mitigate the wave. Mask and social distancing should be adhered to.

Covid Assessment Meeting Today, More Curbs Likely
The meeting to take stock of Covid situation in state shall be held 5 pm today. The Chief Minister, currently in the U.S. will participate in the meeting online. There will be consent likely for university exams to be held in line with protocols. A decision was taken before to  close classes from 2nd to 9th std. Grades having Board exams, namely SSC and Plus II,  will continue to have classes. Weekend lockdown and travel curbs are on the radar. Also likely is stricter curbs for cluster locations.