05 December Monday
Waqf has lost wealth worth crores, the minister said

Aim Is To Protect Waqf Assets; Wealth Lost Shall Be Recovered : Min Aburahiman

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday Dec 2, 2021

 Tirur : The government only aims to protect Waqf assets, said Minister V Aburahiman on Thursday. Waqf wealth worth crores has been lost. The  goal is to recover it.  This is also just what the Muslim community wishes for, said the minister speaking to reporters in Tirur.

Muslim League should change its take on government decision to assign Waqf postings to the PSC.  The government is ready to hold open talks in this regard. League should not take matters to provocative levels.  Several are reacting without knowing what the Bill contains. League and a handful organisations are attempting to stir up  the community on emotional plane,  said the minister. Fielding a media question, the minister said, he was wholly respectful of Jifri Thangal and that criticism aimed at him was owing to misunderstanding.