30 January Monday

Thalasseri Twin Murder: Police Recover Knife; Prime Suspect Taken To Crime Spot To Collect Evidence

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Nov 25, 2022

Thalasseri : Police recovered knife used by drug gang in the slaying of CPI(M) workers, Nettoor Illikunnu Thrivarrnathil Puvanozhi Shameer and K Khalid.

The knife intact with its handle was found lying near house of the accused EK Sandeep - a resident of Puthukudi House near Pinarai Compounderkop. The murder weapon was recovered after reaching the prime suspect Parayi Babu to the scene and subsequent questioning for details.

He was also fetched to the front side of Co-operative hospital where the crime was perpetrated.

The evidence collection was led by Circle Inspector IM Anil.

Backdrop: The murders took place on the evining  of  Wednesday, the 23rd.  Parayi Babu-led gang arrived at the Co-operative hospital where they met K Khalid(52) and CPI(M) LC member Puvanozhi Shameer(40). The assailants persuaded the CPI(M) workers to come outside the hospial and carried out the fatal attack. The killings were motivated by  revenge over Shameer and Khalid resisting  drug activity in the area.

Netoor native Shanibi(29) sustained injuries in the attack.