08 December Wednesday

Teachers Ready Up For A New Era; Academic Guideline Released For School Reopening

Web Desk‌Updated: Wednesday Oct 27, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : Academic guideline was released Wednesday, in prelude to school reopening that comes after a one-and-half year gap. The guideline seeks to fetch children back to school environment once again and to   integrate physical and online learning fruitfully,  and ready up  teachers for the new age teaching.

1. Preface
Owing to Covid conditions students stayed back home last year, familiarisig themselves to  online learning. Even so, that resulted in considerable deprivation in terms of  physical learning at schools, to remedy which, it is essential to bring them all into the mainstream of learning again.

Our children are of  different levels, a factor that should be comprehended  and suitable teaching methods adopted for classes.  There should be plan formulated to make up for learning gap caused to the children.

In the first  phase ,  video and online classes should be combined and classrooms used to help children make better sense of it.

2. Bring all children back to school environments

●  Establish a affectionate relation with students
●  Allow children to engage in their favourite activities too and encourage tem to come out with their learning methods.
●  Allow light forms of exercises
●  Encourage social skills
●  Make use of  counselling facility if necessary

3. Teachers must get prepared for new era
●  On class days available, online and video classes should be integrated for classroom learning.
●  DIET should schedule activities as per guidance issued by SCERT.
●  The learning activity  for the month of November should be prepared and teachers provided with  online orientation of the same.
●  Assessment should be made of activities during  November  and be put to use to prepare work for December.

4.  Preparing Time-table
●  Each school must take stock of prevailing situation in its region.
●  Number of students, classrooms, seating arrangements should be taken into account.
●  It should be carefully evaluated  what number of  students can be brought to school safely.

5. Students needs should well understood and helped with learning
●  Teachers must establish healthy links with students,  must identify their skills and encourage them. This will boost their self-esteem and confidence.
●  A child’s progress should be recorded using Sathitham portal
● Allow children to choose lessons as per their taste.

6.   Ensure parents'  support
●  Majority of guardians have  accomplished  basic education.
●  Therefore, quite many parents would be able to resolve  learning gap the children encountered  and  these parents would also be able to help with simple projects.
●  Teachers must establish cordial relation with parents so as to understand the children better. Home visits may be used for this purpose.
●  Messages from health experts including National Health Mission videos should be delivered to guardians. Special awareness  programme for parents should be designed to do this.

7. School reopening day should be planned well
●  The school should be decorated in an appealing manner. Students’ learning accessories may be used for this.
●  Receive the children cheerfully right from the gate.
●  Make room for imparting stories, songs and poems and have students to  recite them too.

8. All agencies appointed to aid students in their learning should fulfill their obligations well.