19 July Friday

Teachers Must Actively Involve In Overall Development of Students; Reach Righteousness To The Children: CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Jun 1, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram: Our schools had several hardships, however, they do not exist anymore, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, speaking at the inaugural of school reopening ceremony in Thiruvananthapuram.

Seating facility for students was extremely limited. Now, each child can sit on his or her own separate chair and start off first day at school. Seats on schools used to be in precarious condition. Not anymore. Thousands of crores of rupees ave been spent toward bring about this change. Also, the community,  the natives, the alumni and the Parents Teachers Association stood by this progress, said CM.

Over five lakh students opted out of  govt schools in 2016. The scenario has changed since. Schools came to be transformed resulting in parents and children preferring govt schools over other. And, in place of 5 lakh exodus, around ten lakh students have joined the govt schools newly in the past seven years, said CM.

Texts and uniforms reached public schools well on time. Aware of June 1 as the school reopening day, children gear themselves happily in preparation for schools. This is change. It goes to show how government perceives the education sector. We have experienced the opposite approach, CM reminded.

There were times when students took photocopies of entire text to do their studies. That situation has changed. There is good learning environment now. There has been change at academic level too for which, all schools became equipped with necessary facilities including labs. Classrooms have changed to become Smart classrooms. We have experienced the resultant benefit from all these.

Change to education method during Covid did not pose much difficulty. It was so because of change that had come at schools. The remedy then was to shift learning space to homes and the entire community came to aid to make this transformation smooth and effective. The facilities were extended to tribal hamlets too. Everything went very well with no grievance to speak of.

The whole state is in festive mood as part of school reopening today. It is not that only good things happen in life. We must consciously encourage goodness. All the same we should be able to tell bad apart and stay away. Children should be enabled to act thus. We must stand firm not to let in evil. There are some that lead children the wrong way. That will put the future of the country into jeopardy.

 Humanness is the unique quality of us humans  That’s however destroyed if one takes to drugs. Some older children are made means for this. There should be good guard and vigil against this. Teachers must play an active role in overall personality development of children, said CM.

Children must be guided the right way. Reach the right things to children’s minds. That’s biggest responsibility of a teacher, said CM,  adding that, children must be made to grow with social commitment.

Children carry for a lifetime, the knowledge a teacher imparts. Therefore it is important that teacher puts in efforts to lead them the right way. They should forge a healthy relationship with the children, said CM.