04 December Sunday

Taurus Lorries Block Highway In Panniyankara; Toll Collection Stops

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Friday Mar 25, 2022

being Vadakancherry : National Highway in Panniyankara  turned  site to multiple  protestsg. Trouble began  Thursday morning when the  toll contracting company attempted to make collection, ending the discount it had allowed the locals up to now. Following this, residents in the area  swarmed around toll plaza  and  the levying company agreed to continue status quo.

Then around 11 am as toll was being collected,  Taurus lorries put up their protest, parking all over and blockading the highway. Thy demanded that amount of  toll currently  levied be reduced.  With lorries becoming parked on both sides of the plaza, toll collection ground to a halt. Protest continued through the night and except for leaving one lane free for traffic, Taurus lorries stood parked in all the others.

A police team  led by DySP KM Devasia is  camped in Alathoor. Though he talked with protesters many a  time, they refused to mellow down.  In the end, the toll company told  the truckers they could pass free without paying.  However, the lorry owners stayed put saying there must be permanent solution to the problem.

Also pending is decision on toll levt on private bus owners and athough there took a meeting at Collectorate Wednesday morning, there was no final take on the topic. If the situation continues unabated,  the toll plaza is bound to get more chaotic in coming days.