22 September Friday

Supplied People For Setting Up and Protecting Of RSS Branches: K Sudhakaran

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Nov 9, 2022

Kannur : Saffron heart is too much for K Sudhakaran to hide. In the latest letting off, the KPCC president revealed he supplied the people needed for  seting  up and protecting of RSS branches at multiple locations. At the memorial meeting for MV Ragahavan organised by CP John faction of CMP in Kannur, K Sudhakaran said he had provided people required for starting of RSS branches in Edacode, Thottada and Keezhur regions.

There were places with no RSS branches at all. Each time they tried to set one up, CPI(M) put up resistance. It was at such circumstance that I provided manpower essential as part of conserving democracy, saidSudhakaran. When media chased after him to know what this revelation meant, he propped the same boast. “Your are questioning my genuineness. I did what I did for sake of democratic right. It is you who misread my  narrative who are to blame,” Sudhakaran told reporters.

In effect, Sudhakaran has just let on his saffron affiliation. It also reinforces the accusation surrounding  Sudhakaran each time RSS gang murdered CPI(M) workers, that it was he who backed up the  assailants.

Not so far in the  past, Sudhakaran had said he will join BJP any time he thinks it is the right thing to do. At the time he had also revealed he was approached by messengers in this regard. That revelation eventually opened doors for his ticket to Parliament elections and subsequently saw him become the KPCC president.