12 August Friday

Sudhakaran’s Bomb Politics In Kannur Widens To State Level

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Jul 2, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : Now that he is the KPCC President, K Sudharakarn is expanding to state level, the bomb politics he toyed with Kannur.  Sudhakaran, has  a history of displaying bombs assembled inside DCC office. The bomb hurling at AKG Centre comes in close aftermath of Sudhakaran's announcmetn saying  "We know how to hurl bombs."  Sudhakaran  history with bombs dates back to days when  he was the  DCC President in Kannur. "There are  three varieties of bombs," Sudkharan had bragged to the media flaunting his crude collection..

His close aide and confidante, Prashant Babu, revealed 10 years ago how Sudhakaran had armed criminals with pistols for gunning down EP Jayarajan.  Prashanth also revealed how Sudhakaran masterminded the bomb attack on Severai Hotel in Kannur killing CPI(M) worker Nanu and how the DCC president’s goons perpetrated the  bomb attacks on CPI(M) workers. The assailants were provided guns to kill EP Jayarajan after conspiracy meetings  that took place in Jayarajan’s residence. However, where  Sudhakaran procured his arms from remained a secret even to his closest aide.

Sudhakaran worked his bomb politics by roping in  quotation teams(gangmen) from Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Thrissur etc. Sudhakaran, embraced  violent politics in  the 90s never ditched it since.  - a fact  the recent incident at AKG Centre incident goes to show.

There is wide criticism that, attacks against the Chief Minister, on premise of words by a gold smuggling accused at face value, is being carried out with full knowledge of the Congress leaders.  The culprits involved in on-flight attack of CM told regional media they had boarded the plane with knowledge of Congress leaders.

Post that incident, Sudhakaran had proclaimed "We  knew how to hurl bombs"  and that there would be retaliation.  And, Sudhakaran's refulal  to condemn the AKG Centre bomb attack arouses far too many suspicions.