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States Have Right To Amend Lokayukta Rules : P. Rajeev

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday Jan 27, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : States possess right to effect changes to Lokayukta rules, said Law Minister P. Rajeev.  The Opposition arguing  otherwise not correct,  the minister said.

States can decide on how they want their Lokayukta to be – a right that  is categorically stated in the Lokpal Act. As per its provisions, there is no need to send an amendment ordinance to the President for approval. President’s consent was mandatory by law dated before 2013, said the minister.

According to  part III of the 2013 Parliament Lokpal Bill,  all governments  were required to pass the Lokayukta law  for their state. The matter is exclusively the purview of state rights, the Bill clarifies. The amendment carried out in 2000, did not navigate for  approval from the president, the minister said.

Lokayukta rules are wholly a state jurisdiction. Rules cannot supersede constitutional provisions, the minister said. Responding to media question on CPI’s disagreement, , the minister said, the matter was discussed at length in the cabinet and  consensus arrived.

Meanwhile, the Opposition leaders met with the Governor earlier in the day,  urging not to sign the ordinance and insisted the amendment required presidential consent.