29 September Friday

Speedy Transportation Essential For State; Public Can Now See Who The Development-blockers Are : A. Vijayaraghavan

Web Desk‌Updated: Wednesday Dec 1, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : Speedy transport system is essential to the state’s development forward, said CPI(M) acting secretary A. Vijayaraghavan. It is not right  to be opposing K-Rail. The  facility has been  years-long in existence in developed countries of the world  and that's the kind of project  the Congress and BJP are seeking to block,  said Vijayaraghavan speaking at “Meet The Press” event on Wednesday.

LDF in its election manifesto underscored that all developments must inherently  restore the ecological balance of Kerala.  And, the projects implemened by the government sticks to that line. We have been able to speed up developments  by removing  land acquisition hassles after holding talks with property-losers and paying them more compensation than they wished for. That’s truly what determination means.  Public at large are not opposed to K-Rail. Things happening are vastly  different from what the skeptics imagine. Interestingly, the people who mocked  Left as a lot that opposed computers and tractors, are the very ones now up in arms against  K-Rail. The Left is forever on side of speed, on side of advances in science and technology, said Vijayaraghavan.

The Oomen Chandy government had conceived a project with speeds exceeding that of K-Rail. It is up to Ramesh Chennithala to clarify if that was designed to be  corruption plan. The K-Rail kind of speedy transportation has been implemented in developed countries over 50 years ago. The sate cannot go way forward without speedy transportation.

The distinct feature about LDF government is fast and balanced  development. It is carrying out works envisioned for years to come in  future.  Kerala should surge further ahead.   People look up to the Chief Minister and his government with great expectations. And, this government and the Left Democratic Front will strive wholeheartedly to meet l those expectations,  Vijayaraghavan told the media.