27 September Wednesday
Facts on Malabar rebellion is being distorted to create controversies, said the speaker

Speaker Can Voice His Stand On General Issues; Removing Variyamkunnath Politically Motivated

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Wednesday Aug 25, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : Removing Variyamkunnath from the list of martyrs of India’s freedom struggle is an act that's politically motivated , said Speaker MB Rajesh.on Wednesday.  The Malabar Rebellion was uprising against the British imperialism and feudalism.  It is true that the rebellion strayed at some points initially. However, those flawed incidents should not form the basis for evaluating the whole rebellion.

Later on, there occurred no such holes in the  massive peasants’ agitation of the 1940s as there was Marxian ideology and political leadership steering those protests. Communal distortion proved to be a flaw with Malabar rebellion. However, the subsequent protest mobilising peasants’ did not have any of that.

There is  conscious  attempt to create controversy around Malabar rebellion by ignoring historical facts; such attempt will only serve to benefit political opportunists, Peace not controversy should be sought in this regard, said MB Rajesh. A speaker is not a sage; he can express opinion on general issues; I will not indulge in party politics; a Speaker has all rights as that of a citizen, the Speaker told media.