25 June Saturday

Some Attempting To Depict Guru As Individual Of Just One Section; Must Remember Guru Said Religions Must Not Fight One Another : CM

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday Dec 30, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram :  Sree Narayana Guru, in  his lifetime made interventions taking into account the societal features existing at the time, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan inaugurating the 89th Sivagiri Theerthadanam(pilgrimage)  Thursday. Guru’s messages must be  reached out to the people at large and not remembered for only on occasion of Theerthadanam. Guru’s greatness must constantly be brought to mind. A man's caste is his   humaneness , said CM. Some are attempting to depict Guru as  person of just one particular community. It would be good to recall Guru said religions must not fight among themselves, said CM

The light shone by Guru transformed times. The essence of Guru message was love of humanity. Guru  clarified  a man’s caste was his  humanness. Guru’s messages hold huge significance in present times. People in denial of Guru’s messages existed then and now, said CM.

This government aims for a society where there is no inequality. The government priority is to render quality education and livelihood for all. The government has been successful in strengthening the public education system and is curently endeavouring  to revamp higher education sector. The Sreenarayana Guru Open University was started toward this goal, said CM.