19 September Sunday
The state however deals strictly with the activity of selling smuggled gold and conflicts emanating from it, said CM

Smuggling Should Be Prevented By Centre: Investigations Into Ramees’s Accident Death Ongoing: CM

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Wednesday Jul 28, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : The power and responsibility of preventing gold smuggling rests entirely with  the central government, said Chief Minister in the Assembly on Wednesday. Investigation ongoing into the complaint lodged by Ramees’s brother regarding his accidental death is progressing, added CM

The department of Customs falls  under jurisdiction of schedule 7 of the constitution. It is the central government and its agencies that’s responsible for preventing and doing away with gold smuggling, not the state government, CM clarified.

All the same, the state government takes  stringent action on activities relating to sale of  smuggled gold and law and order problems caused by it. Investigations are progressing into circumstances surrounding the accident death of Ramees, said CM.

Forensic evidences have been collected. Also, police  have recorded witness statments. CCTV images show Ramees riding on bike without a helmet. After reaching Kappakadavu in Azhikhal,  In the visuals, Ramees’s bike takes a sharp turn to enter Thonniyinkadavu road, the moment when when it crashes onto the right side of oncoming car. The postmortem report put  cause of death as fatal injuries to head and broken ribs, said CM.